Our Mission Statement, is to promote the use of electronic music and styles in personal, small group and corporate worship settings. To turn this into a reality, we have created the EWF or the Electronic Worship Format, which is explained here. We believe that having a format is to enforce a ritual way of doing things, but to include all the components that make up a worship experience. Of course, however, worship is much more that just one hour here or there, true worship is lived throughout your life. The purpose of a traditional worship service is then, not to create a single time for you to worship, but a time for you to refocus your life and thoughts towards God. Participating in a worship service should draw you nearer to God, lead you to God. This site is devoted to all the clubbers, and dancers, that have far to much music to listen to which does nothing but turn them away from God. If you have felt left out of the worship scene, we are here for you.